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Il capo della Fed di St Louis dice che il Bitcoin non è una sfida al dominio globale del dollaro USA

James Bullard ha anche paragonato il bitcoin all’oro come bene rifugio.

Crede che il bitcoin non rappresenti una minaccia

Il capo della Federal Reserve di St. Louis crede che il bitcoin non rappresenti una minaccia per lo status del dollaro statunitense come valuta di riserva globale.

In un’intervista con la CNBC martedì, James Bullard ha detto che l’attenzione politica della Fed rimarrà fissa su un’economia globale del dollaro „a perdita d’occhio“.

„Che il prezzo dell’oro salga o scenda o il prezzo del bitcoin (BTC, +4,12%) salga o scenda non influisce davvero su questo“, ha detto Bullard.

Invece, il presidente della Fed ha segnalato le criptovalute „emesse privatamente“, non sanzionate dal governo, come il problema principale. Bullard ha poi fatto dei paragoni con un periodo della storia degli Stati Uniti prima della guerra civile, quando le banche emettevano le proprie banconote.

„Erano tutti scambiati in giro e commerciavano con sconti diversi l’uno dall’altro e alla gente non piaceva affatto“, ha detto Bullard. „Penso che la stessa cosa accadrebbe qui con il bitcoin“.

Entrerebbero in uno Starbucks pagando in bitcoin

In particolare, le preoccupazioni di Bullard si sono concentrate su uno scenario in cui le valute potrebbero diventare „non uniformi“, immaginando una situazione in cui gli utenti entrerebbero in uno Starbucks pagando in bitcoin, ether (ETH, +2,13%) o il dollaro americano.

„Non è così che facciamo. Abbiamo una moneta uniforme che è arrivata ai tempi della guerra civile“, ha detto Bullard.

Il capo della Fed di St Louis ha anche notato che gli investitori stanno cercando un bene rifugio in mezzo a una „competizione valutaria“ come hanno fatto per secoli, paragonando il bitcoin all’oro.

„Sarebbe molto difficile ottenere una valuta privata che sia davvero più simile all’oro per svolgere quel ruolo, quindi non credo che vedremo alcun cambiamento in futuro“, ha detto Bullard.

I commenti di Bullard sono arrivati mentre il bitcoin stava raggiungendo un nuovo massimo storico sopra i 50.000 dollari, sostenuto da una forte domanda istituzionale da parte di aziende come la casa automobilistica Tesla, la società di business intelligence MicroStrategy e la banca d’affari BNY Mellon.

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Total Crypto Market Cap breekt de ATH van januari 2018: Bitcoin raakt $ 33K

De marktkapitalisatie van cryptocurrency heeft een belangrijke mijlpaal bereikt door een nieuw record van meer dan $ 836 miljard in kaart te brengen, terwijl BTC $ 33.000 bereikte.

Kort nadat bitcoin boven zijn hoogste punt in 2017 van $ 20.000 uitkwam, volgden de meeste cryptocurrencies met serieuze winsten

Eerder vandaag overtrof de cumulatieve marktkapitalisatie van alle digitale activa het vorige hoogtepunt door ten noorden van $ 836 miljard te stijgen.

Volgens gegevens van een van de toonaangevende bronnen voor het bewaken van Crypto Trader, CoinMarketCap, bereikte de marktkapitalisatie ergens rond de $ 834 miljard tijdens de parabolische prijsstijging in 2017/2018.

De recente bull-run binnen de markt heeft echter geresulteerd in een nieuw record van $ 836 miljard per data van CoinMarketCap

Het is vermeldenswaard dat de afgelopen maanden is gegroeid. Door dit record te bereiken, heeft de marktkapitalisatie $ 140 miljard toegevoegd sinds 29 december, $ 240 miljard sinds 24 december en $ 360 miljard sinds eind november. Bovendien bedroeg de marktkapitalisatie begin oktober slechts $ 330 miljard, wat een stijging betekent van meer dan $ 500 miljard in drie maanden tijd.

Enigszins verwacht is bitcoin verantwoordelijk voor het grootste aandeel. De primaire cryptocurrency is sinds Q4 2020 in een traan en is goed voor meer dan 72% van de marktkapitalisatie.

Bitcoin is in die maanden meer dan 3x in waarde gestegen. Het brak voor het eerst boven de $ 20.000 en ging verder naar het noorden. De cryptocurrency bleef regelmatig nieuwe recordhoogtes schilderen.

Juist vandaag, bitcoin overwon $ 30.000 maar niet stoppen er en brak boven de $ 33.000 voor zijn nieuwste ATH, maar het is licht gedaald tot $ 32.300 als van het schrijven van deze lijnen. Niettemin heeft de marktkapitalisatie van BTC ook een nieuw record betekend van meer dan $ 600 miljard.

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The importance of the Oasis Network solution for a virtuous data economy

Only a few years after the emergence of the Web, our society has entered a new era, that of the data economy. According to a European Union report, the value of the data economy has increased from 250 billion euros in 2014 to nearly 650 billion euros in 2020. But who are the players in this new economy?

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Oasis Labs, as part of their community grant campaign

The former do not necessarily go against the interests of users. This category of protagonists refers to the giants of the Web whose business models are now centered around the collection, exploitation and marketing of immense amounts of data. But, we also have services like hospitals that collect medical information for research.

The unscrupulous use of our personal information by private actors is however a source of numerous abuses. You may remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal; Facebook user data was used for political profiling.

When the case came to light, one of the developers at Cambridge Analytica claimed to have built a model to “ target the demons within ” of the audience, in order to influence their vote in the desired direction – welcome in the age of the data . These practices demonstrate the importance of actors whose purpose is to protect the user and his private life, like d ‚ Oasis Network .

Even if our data is used in a virtuous way, it remains at the mercy of hackers and other digital criminals. Indeed, our data is often stored without being encrypted and is protected by systems that are sometimes weak. Whether it is our banking information on Jeff Bezos‘ servers or our medical data on those of a hospital, they represent real gold mines in the data economy .

There are therefore actors who place themselves as protectors of the user and his privacy. Every scandal on the subject starts with a whistleblower. Edward Snowden for NSA malfeasance, Christopher Wylie for Cambridge Analytica. But, we could do without these heroes, if our data was truly private and secure. This is why projects such as Oasis Network are emerging. In order to restore its sovereignty to the user and to create services that truly protect our privacy.

Oasis Network, future guardian of the data temple?

Oasis Network is positioned as the first scalable and privacy-friendly blockchain that can manage DeFi and data tokenization . The explosion in the volume of personal information exchanged on the Internet makes the protection of privacy one of the main concerns for users, but also for the future of blockchain in general. Public blockchains have the drawback of lacking confidentiality. Therefore, it is unthinkable to circulate sensitive information such as medical data.

For Dawn Song , CEO of Oasis Network, scalability and confidentiality are two missing elements in the blockchain space. Oasis solutions in these two fields will see many practical cases emerge.

The partnership with Nebula Genomics is a prime example of a virtuous use case for a confidential blockchain. Nebula Genomics is a company specializing in DNA analysis, and must store a large amount of genetic data. The company offers genealogy services and participates in research on genes predisposing to disease. It is therefore fundamental to ensure the confidentiality of this data while allowing scientists to use it. This is what Oasis Network technology enables, secure use of sensitive data while keeping certain elements confidential.

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Bitcoin enters completely „new territory“ – macro prospects are becoming increasingly bullish

Bitcoin has held steady above $16,000 in the last few hours and even gained some momentum above that level as buyers maintain full control.
This price action has undoubtedly been bullish for the crypto currency, with a daily close above this level confirming that this recent rise is more than just a volatile pump.
Now that buyers have turned this into support, it may be time for BTC to see further gains in the near future.
One analyst believes that Bitcoin is now entering „uncharted territory“, which he describes as „unexplored territory“.
He notes that this type of technical strength at such high prices is unprecedented.

Bitcoin has recently shown signs of immense technical and fundamental strength, with the crypto-currency continuing to push higher while the bears struggle to gain any momentum.

The strength of the recent uptrend is unbroken. The bears have made several attempts to reverse the trend in their favour, but each of these setbacks has been followed by a strong upswing.

The fact that buyers buy aggressively on every bear market is a positive sign – and there is a strong likelihood that there will be further momentum in the near future.

One trader explains that this is „new territory“ for the benchmark crypto currency. He comments that there is „still tons of upside potential“ for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin stable above $16,000 – buyers keep control
At the time of writing, Bitcoin is quoted at a price of US$15,900. Here the asset has traded over the last day, with buyers in control of the price behaviour.

As BTC has closed its daily candle above $16,000 and shows no signs that it will fall below this level in the near future, it appears that this is now a support.

As such, the coin could target $17,000 next. Every day BTC is one step closer to reaching its all-time highs.

Analyst sees further upswing for BTC
Regarding Bitcoin’s macro outlook, one analyst believes that the crypto currency is currently in „unexplored territory“.

He expects BTC to move significantly higher in the medium term.

„That’s not even Hopium, BTC on a monthly basis is already in „unexplored territory“ with tons up ahead. If this continues, I may even be able to reunite with the family members with whom I promoted Krypto on December 17th“.

Picture courtesy of Cryptorangutang. Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.
The coming days should shed some light on the macroeconomic significance of this latest push as Bitcoin’s weekly candle closing is only a few hours away.

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Nautilus Research: Il modello Bitcoin (BTC) echeggia i primi giorni di precedenti raduni esponenziali

Bitcoin (BTC) sta mostrando modelli che si sono verificati storicamente prima di massicce evasioni, indicando potenzialmente l’inizio della prossima corsa dei tori esponenziale, dice l’agenzia di ricerca Nautilus Research.

Nautilus Research suggerisce che Bitcoin

In un post su Twitter, Nautilus Research suggerisce che Bitcoin Profit sta attualmente formando un modello che ha preceduto le corse dei tori del 2012 e del 2017.

„Bitcoin fa eco a modelli che precedono le precedenti grandi corse dei tori“.

Secondo il grafico della boutique di ricerca indipendente, la Bitcoin ha storicamente corretto almeno l’80% dai massimi del ciclo del boom e poi si è consolidata per oltre un anno prima di lanciare il conseguente mercato dei tori. Se la storia è un indicatore, Bitcoin potrebbe presto dare il via a un rally parabolico che potrebbe mandare la crittovaluta più dominante ben oltre i 100.000 dollari.

L’analista di mercato ampiamente seguito Peter Brandt offre le sue proprie intuizioni su BTC, evidenziando il ruolo del crescente interesse istituzionale per la più grande crittovaluta.

„Bitcoin – se i guadagni attuali si mantengono fino alla fine di ottobre – è pronto per la seconda chiusura mensile più alta di sempre. Le istituzioni sono sempre più coinvolte nella proprietà dei Bitcoin. Le istituzioni segnano il valore del loro patrimonio mensilmente“.

L’agenzia di rating Weiss Ratings afferma che Bitcoin

Inoltre, l’agenzia di rating Weiss Ratings afferma che Bitcoin è ancora il „chiaro leader“ nello spazio criptato, poiché ha superato il livello chiave di 13.000 dollari, che è il massimo del 2019 di BTC. Come Brandt, Juan Villaverde di Weiss Ratings attribuisce al coinvolgimento istituzionale per il rally.

„Gli investitori si sono accalcati su Bitcoin questa settimana e questo rally si è riversato su altri asset crittografici. Allo stesso tempo, gli investitori si stanno attenendo principalmente a nomi di alta qualità, visto che stiamo vedendo uscire il massimo della forza dai big cap“.

Bitcoin è l’asset di riferimento per gli investitori tradizionali che cercano di diversificare le loro partecipazioni in valuta criptata. Come tale, ogni volta che vediamo il Bitcoin prendere l’iniziativa, possiamo essere certi che il nuovo denaro entra nello spazio. Questo è un prerequisito per un’encierro sostenibile“.

Mentre Bitcoin mostra segni di bullismo, il Crypto Fear & Greed Index del crypto market feeling tracker Alternative.me si è trasformato in „estrema avidità“. Secondo Alternative.me, una lettura di avidità estrema suggerisce che il mercato sta iniziando a essere ipercomprato e che potrebbe esserci un ritiro all’orizzonte.

„Quando gli investitori diventano troppo avidi, significa che il mercato deve essere corretto“.

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Binance destroys $ 68 million BNB in ​​record burn

For the 13th iteration of its quarterly burn, the Binance platform destroyed 2,253,888 BNB, or the equivalent of $ 68 million. This is the largest BNB burn on record in terms of fiat value.

Every quarter since its inception, a colossal amount of BNB has been burned by Binance

The interest of a burn (or burn in French) is to reduce the number of tokens in circulation and therefore to increase the scarcity of the asset.

In the case of the B NB , such an initiative was provided for in the token whitepaper, and the repercussions on the price are always positive.

This weekend, October 17, therefore took place the 13th iteration of this massive burn. A total of 2,253,888 BNBs thus disappeared from circulation forever, the astronomical equivalent of 68 million dollars .

This 13th burn for BNB is the largest ever recorded in terms of value in fiat currency, and the 4th in terms of amount of Bitcoin Profit network burned. This still represents 1.13% of the total outstanding BNB supply.

On these other components, the 13th iteration is far from the previous 2, where 3.4 and 3.5 million tokens had been destroyed. The same goes for the decrease in the supply in circulation, with 1.69% and 1.74% of BNB withdrawn from the markets forever.

The Pioneer Burn Program , an initiative to help Binance Smart Chain users who made unintentional mistakes while transferring BNB , has also saved some hundreds of thousands of dollars. As part of this program, 867 BNB were included in this quarterly burn.

A beneficial process for BNB

To burn BNB , Binance uses its profits to buy them on the markets, with the sole purpose of destroying them later. As the token whitepaper informs us, Binance’s goal is to reduce the supply in circulation to 100 million BNB tokens .

At present, there are currently 144,406,561 BNB in circulation according to data from CoinMarketCap. At the rate at which Binance is burning BNB, its target should be reached within 3 to 4 years .

In addition to these burns causing a continual decline in the BNB supply, demand has been increasing sharply in recent weeks, in particular thanks to the strong arrival of Binance in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) .

With Binance Smart Chain , its in-house blockchain that can host DeFi protocols , the platform gives BNB a new use case. The token thus becomes the fuel of a DeFi-based blockchain.

In addition, BNB holders have been very rewarded since the introduction of Binance Launchpool . This platform allows you to cultivate tokens just by keeping BNB in your wallet, enough to encourage users to get them.

At the time of writing, BNB is trading around $ 30 , for a market capitalization of $ 4.4 billion . In particular, this places BNB in the 6th position of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies , holding out against Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at the 5th position.

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If all US companies follow Square’s example, 250 billion dollars will flow into Bitcoin

Last week, US Fintech giant Square made headlines in the mainstream media for investing $50 million in Bitcoin. This represents about one percent of the total assets of the $90 billion company.

Although it is a big step, there are some Bitcoin maximalists who criticize the one percent figure because it is too small to have an impact on the increasingly liquid crypto market.

But analysts note: if all companies follow Square’s example, a massive capital wave would invade the Bitcoin Bank space and easily drive it to all-time highs.
What if everyone followed Square’s example in buying Bitcoin?

According to crypto-venture investor and analyst Ian Lee, US companies currently have assets totaling $25 trillion.

This means that if each of these companies followed Square’s example and invested exactly one percent of their assets in Bitcoin, BTC would receive inflows of $250 billion. Remarkably, this „excludes financial companies, institutional investors, governments and private clients – globally speaking.

You may think that $250 billion is not much. After all, Bitcoin currently has a market capitalization of only about $200 billion.

But it is worth considering the „Fiat Amplifier/Multiplier“ effect.

The effect suggests that for every fiat dollar invested in Bitcoin, the market capitalization of BTC increases by more than this dollar.

Chris Burniske, a partner at Placeholder Capital, once mentioned that his company uses the 2-25x range. With an estimate of five times that, the $250 billion that could come into the room if companies follow Square would result in a growth of over $1.2 trillion in BTC’s market capitalization, meaning that the price would shoot up to over $50,000.
Easy entry for investors

Although Lee’s remarks are theoretical, Square is trying to make it easy for other companies to acquire Bitcoin.

In fact, Square, along with the other companies that have acquired Bitcoin MicroStrategy, has published the respective resources and websites to teach other companies and their CFOs how to invest large sums in BTC and then store the asset.

Both companies also comment on why Bitcoin makes sense in the current macroeconomic environment. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, for example, called it the Internet’s parent currency.

Many believe that the „background for the institutional launch of Bitcoin“ is stronger than ever.

Andrew Kang, founder of Mechanism Capital, cites the following reasons why buying Bitcoin now makes sense: volatility has declined massively, inflationary trends are emerging, returns in other markets are low, the stock market and other legacy markets have high valuations – and the crypto space is confirmed by Wall Street.

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3.5 milioni di Bitcoin Wallet scaricati, come guadagnare profitti con BTC Wallet

Nonostante le settimane di trading silenzioso di Bitcoin, i più curiosi decidono di unirsi al gioco delle criptovalute. Secondo un rapporto di Apptoppia, a luglio 2020 sono state scaricate oltre 3,5 milioni di app di criptovaluta. Inoltre, il numero di utenti attivi ha visto un aumento del 110% tra il 1 gennaio e il 19 agosto 2020.

Gli utenti africani contribuiscono maggiormente all’aumento della popolarità del portafoglio The News Spy rispetto a quello degli altri continenti. È stato registrato che Crypto.com ha registrato un aumento del 339% delle nuove installazioni dalla Nigeria negli ultimi 90 giorni. Anche in Coinbase è stato registrato un aumento del 113%.

La maggior parte delle app del portafoglio BTC consente ai trader di archiviare e pagare cose con i loro criptati. Inoltre, i trader possono scambiare diverse criptovalute. Alcuni portafogli consentono persino agli utenti di impegnarsi nel mining di bitcoin per realizzare un profitto senza acquistare hardware. Ma oltre a ciò, la maggior parte dei portafogli BTC serve solo come luogo per archiviare la tua crittografia e non è probabile che tu guadagni denaro da essa.

Ma speriamo tutti che la nostra criptovaluta possa generare entrate passive, no?

Per competere nel feroce settore, più piattaforme hanno lanciato i loro portafogli che aiutano i trader a guadagnare denaro con pochi o nessun rischio. Ad esempio, alcune piattaforme fungono da broker per aiutare gli utenti a prestare la propria crittografia ad altri utenti. Tuttavia, di solito, le criptovalute prese in prestito sono „bloccate“ e gli istituti di credito devono attendere che i mutuatari chiudano le loro posizioni per riprendere le loro criptovalute.

Bexplus: guadagna reddito passivo e negozia future su un’unica piattaforma

Con sede a Hong Kong, Bexplus offre ai trader immense opportunità di guadagnare profitti indipendentemente dalle condizioni di mercato. Bexplus non solo fornisce trading di futures con leva fino a 100 volte su BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS e LTC, ma offre anche un portafoglio BTC con un interesse annualizzato fino al 30%. La transazione tra il conto di trading e il portafoglio è istantanea e puoi prelevare ogni volta che vuoi.

L’interesse viene calcolato giornalmente e le entrate del deposito verranno liquidate mensilmente. L’interesse mensile è calcolato come (S * I / 365 * 30) = MI. S rappresenta la somma del deposito, I sta per interesse e MI è l’interesse mensile.

Se depositi 10 BTC nel tuo portafoglio , l’interesse mensile che riceverai è (10 * 30% / 365 * 30) = 0,24 BTC. Mentre la maggior parte delle piattaforme di prestito richiede ai trader di depositare almeno 1 BTC, i trader possono effettuare un deposito a partire da 0,05 BTC su Bexplus.

Caratteristiche di Bexplus Wallet

Indipendenza: il portafoglio è indipendente dal conto di trading ei depositi nel tuo portafoglio non saranno utilizzati da Bexplus per altri scopi, quindi puoi prelevare ogni volta che vuoi.

Nessuna penalità per recesso anticipato: le richieste di prelievo verranno elaborate entro 1 giorno senza alcuna penalità per recesso anticipato. Se ritiri il tuo deposito il decimo giorno del mese, puoi comunque ricevere gli interessi generati entro questo periodo.

100x Margin Trading Plus 100% di bonus sul deposito

Se vuoi provare il trading con margine, sei nel posto giusto. Bexplus è uno degli scambi più user-friendly con la sua interfaccia intuitiva e concisa e il simulatore di trading. Senza requisiti KYC e adottando tecniche di crittografia di alto livello, Bexplus è considerato affidabile dai trader di tutto il mondo, inclusi quelli di Stati Uniti, Giappone, Iran e Sudan.

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Bitcoin News Today – Titres du 9 août

Bitcoin News Today – L’adoption et la reconnaissance de Bitcoin sont à la hausse. Alors que la monnaie numérique continue de faire des vagues dans l’espace numérique, de plus en plus d’institutions, d’entités et d’individus commencent à reconnaître et à reconnaître ses avantages. Récemment, un projet pilote – Haeundae Beach System à Busan – a révélé son intention de proposer des solutions de paiement en monnaie numérique aux amateurs de plage en été.

La société affiliée à Bitbeat, CIC Enterprise, est en charge du projet pilote, et le projet souhaite proposer des solutions de paiement en monnaie numérique sur deux des plages les plus fréquentées du pays. Selon un rapport, la société s’est associée à Innotech – un fournisseur de paiement par carte et en espèces – pour les solutions de paiement cryptées.

Avec ce programme, les gens pourront payer des gilets de sauvetage, des activités liées aux sports nautiques et la location de parasols avec des jetons Bitcoin Fortune, Ethereum (ETH), MCI et WAY ERC20 via l’application pour smartphone.

L’adoption de Bitcoin est à la hausse

Selon Bitbeat, le paiement crypté pourrait être traité en moins de dix secondes, et il utiliserait des codes QR pour n’importe quel portefeuille dans le monde. Le cabinet a déclaré:

«Nous espérons que la monnaie virtuelle utilisée dans le système de plage de Haeundae-gu sera plus largement utilisée dans la vie réelle. Nous essaierons de fournir un environnement de paiement en crypto-monnaie . »

L’entreprise estime que les jours d’été, les gens préfèrent louer des services sur les plages de Haeundae, plutôt que d’apporter leurs propres affaires. À Busan, un consortium privé-public en Corée du Sud a également révélé son intention de créer une plate-forme de tourisme médical basée sur la blockchain, mais ils n’ont pas encore fixé la date de lancement.

Les analystes s’attendent à ce que le prix de Bitcoin se corrige à 10300 $

Bitcoin a oscillé autour de la zone la plus élevée de 11000 $ ces derniers jours. Les traders ont maintenant quitté BTC, se concentrant sur des altcoins plus petits. Bitcoin se négocie actuellement autour de 11700 $, et les analystes disent que l’importance de ce niveau ne doit pas être sous-estimée. Le Bitcoin est plus susceptible de clôturer au-dessus de 11700 $. Néanmoins, un analyste devient baissier sur le court terme du Bitcoin, avec un objectif de baisse d’environ 10 300 $.

Le week-end dernier, Bitcoin a grimpé jusqu’à 12000 $ avant de rencontrer un fort rejet et de plonger plus bas. Après avoir atteint sa zone inférieure à 11000 dollars, la monnaie numérique a pu gagner plus de force et reprendre le contrôle du marché. À la hausse, le principal obstacle à la monnaie numérique est la barre des 12 000 dollars.

Un analyste a déclaré que la monnaie numérique ne pouvait pas dépasser ce niveau à court terme et qu’un autre rejet ferait pousser le prix de la monnaie numérique vers la barre des 10300 dollars.

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Bitcoin Market Cap is nu groter dan Intel of Coca-Cola

Bitcoin haalt Intel en Coca-Cola in met een marktkapitalisatie van $205 miljard.

Te midden van een grote bullish trend op de cryptocurrency markten, overtreft de marktkapitalisatie van Bitcoin (BTC) enkele grote beursgenoteerde bedrijven zoals Intel en Coca-Cola.

Na een bullish market eind juli 2020, zag Bitcoin’s marktkapitalisatie een significante stijging om een drempel van $200 miljard te overschrijden. Vanaf de perstijd is het marktplafond van de grootste cryptocurrency goed voor meer dan $207 miljard, onderaan van een eerder vandaag geregistreerde $222 miljard intraday-hoogte, volgens gegevens van Coin360.

Als zodanig is Bitcoin momenteel meer waard dan de aandelen van grote wereldwijde bedrijven als Intel en Coca-Cola in termen van marktkapitalisatie. Op 31 juli, sloten de aandelen van Intel en Coca-Cola bij een marktkapitalisatie van $203 miljard en $202 miljard, respectievelijk, volgens gegevens van Macro Trends.

Intel ziet een scherpe verkoop in de afgelopen dagen.

Intel, een groot wereldwijd technologisch bedrijf, zag de afgelopen dagen een opmerkelijke daling van het marktaandeel. Nadat Intel teleurstellende Q3 inkomensbegeleiding op 22 Juli postte, daalde het de markt GLB van het bedrijf onder $259 miljard om zo veel zoals $45 miljard tegen 24 Juli, volgens gegevens van Macro Tendensen later te verliezen.

Dit is niet de eerste keer dat Intel achter Immediate Edge aanzat door marktkapitalisatie. In de loop van 2017 ging Intel’s marktkapitalisatie niet hoger dan $220 miljard, terwijl Bitcoin’s marktkapitalisatie een drempel van $300 miljard overschreed in haar historische bullish run van 2017, toen BTC haar recordhoogte van $20.000 bereikte.

De markt van Coca-Cola is sinds maart onder de $200 miljard gebleven.

Temidden van coronavirus-benzine onzekerheid, leed de drankenreus Coca-Cola aan een belangrijke verkoop vroeger op het jaar. In maart 2020 verloor Coca-Cola in de loop van een maand meer dan 90 miljard dollar aan marktkapitalisatie als gevolg van de wereldwijde pandemie. De daling resulteerde uiteindelijk in de grootste daling van de kwartaalomzet van het bedrijf in minstens 30 jaar, zoals vorige week gemeld.

Daarentegen heeft Bitcoin dit jaar meerdere bullish moves gezien, een stijging van meer dan $80 miljard, oftewel ongeveer 40%, in marketcap sinds 1 januari 2020. De grootste cryptocurrency door markt GLB heeft onlangs zijn nieuwe 2020 hoogtepunten geraakt, kruisend het $12.000 prijsteken op 2 Augustus.

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